Friday, December 10, 2010

A New Ministry!

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It's a tagline repeated over and over and known by everyone. Political instability, lack of infrastructure, and inadequate social services lead to what most of the world sees as a very undesireable locale. Yet we see Haiti differently. Vibrate color, robust laughter, wealth of community are only a few of the things we look forward to living amongst. The earthquake, cholera, and now rioting is taking its toll on the nation. The media portrays Haitians as sitting on cracked pavement longingly awaiting the international community to respond. Most of the international community sees Haitians as a pool of people needing to be rescued. Yet we see Haiti differently. Each Haitian is a gifted individual able to improve their environment when empowered to do so.

The Vision
ReachGlobal is new to Haiti and we get to be a part of this brand new adventure. The vision of this new initiative is to see an indigenous, disciple-making, and multiplying church, within walking distance of every Haitian, which demonstrates and engages in proclaiming the transforming power of the Gospel. ReachGlobal in Haiti will seek to develop, empower, and release Haitian leaders to form indigenous, healthy churches that lead to individual, community, and national transformation.

The Team
ReachGlobal will be starting its very first international team. The team in Haiti will be comprised of people from many nations including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Columbia, Brazil, American and possibly more. This team will embody a commitment to interdependent ministry - each team member bringing unique gifting and perspective to the ministry just as each Haitian has unique abilities to transform their society. While there are bound to be struggles in working in a multicultural team setting, there are bound to be rich rewards.

The Passion
We (Chris and Sara) have a passion foremost for the Gospel. We desire to see lives, communities, and nations transformed by the power of the Gospel. And we have a love for the individuals, communities and naiton of Haiti. Chris is a teacher with a shepherd's heart. He is currently teaching and ministering to high school chemistry students at Minnehaha Academy and serving as an overseer at Hiawatha Church. Chris desires to use his gift of teaching in Haiti. From preparing students for high school graduation exams to training lay pastors and elders, Chris is excited to see where God will open doors for his ministry in Haiti. Sara is a strategic planner with a discerning heart. She is currently working as an evaluator for non-profit programming in the Twin Cities and helps where needed at Hiawatha Church. She desires to use her education and experience to ensure involvement in healthy, sustainable compassion ministries. From planning and evaluating programs to enhancing women's livelihoods, Sara is eagerly anticipating getting on the ground in Haiti.

The Blog
Please follow our journey and ministry. We plan to post regularly. The next year will be full of training and support raising and the next year full of many transitions. We are excited to share this time with our friends, family, and anyone who cares to read!