Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Springtime Performances

We have learned in the past year we have some major performers in the family. Here are two of there more recent efforts.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heat Wave!

I'm not sure if any of you have ever ventured to the very bottom of this blog or not. But if you have you will have noticed a side by side thermometer of Port au Prince and Minneapolis. The idea, when I created the blog in January, was to show how crazy different the climates are and maybe my preference as well.

Today was quite the heat wave in Minneapolis as evidenced by the photo above. Craziness, especially considering it was snowing a week ago. On my way home from work the car temp guage read 91 degrees as I passed by an interested sight. There was an African American man lounging in a chair in front of a hip-hop clothing store wearing military fatigues. I did a double take and momentarily felt like I might just be in Port-au-Prince. Especially since doing the double take meant hitting yet another pot hole.

I sure do like my neighborhood. I've come to love it. And I certainly will miss it. Here's a few things I find entertaining about my neighborhood:

1) The slushy machine at the corner store has a sign attached that reads, "Not a WIC item"

2) Troy and Luke go to said corner store to buy hot cheetos, red soda, and friend chicken - no joke

3) Luke and some other neighborhood friends created a ghetto game that they play in the summer called "Foreclosure"

All true.

Here's some other things I love about our neighborhood.

1) There are at least 5 vibrant, gospel preaching, praying, African American churches within a couple blocks of our home.

2) There are at least 30 kids on our immediate block

3) Our immediate block is home to 2 white families (yes another moved in last year), a Hmong family, a Somali family, a group of European Muslims, a Native American family, several African American families, and several Hispanic families.

I'm going to miss this street. I'm going to miss these "summer" days. I am NOT going to miss winter.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today was an odd mother's day for me. I am overwhelmingly thankful for my mother as well as other mother figures in my life - my aunt Joanne, and my mother-in-law, Patty. I am thankful for a wonderful husband who makes mothering so easy. And I am thankful for my kiddos - who blessed me with clean bedrooms and plenty of artwork from school.

But today I was quite sad for the motherless. A couple of my girlfriends are mothering their babies without their own mothers here on earth with them. And all mothers know that you just have those days when you have to call your mom and vent, "Mom, is this normal?", "Mom, tell me this is a stage", "Mom, I'm sorry I was so annoying", etc. You just need your mom when you are a mother.

This morning I made the mistake of asking my son's best friend if he was going to see his mother today. He answered that his mom moved 2 years ago, changed her number, and he hasn't seen or talked to her since. Out of these random thoughts of sadness for those who are motherless and blessing for all I have been given - one thing stuck out...

The best mother's day gift I could ever receive. A text/facebook message from a neighborhood youth and #80205 of why leaving this neighorhood is going to break my heart:

@[519510835:Sara Murphy Thompson] aka mom#3 dont know where to start with you haha you are so so so funny even if you dont try to be! your also the mom that always always talking about how bright i a kid i am and i can do it even when i think i cant! - Markus