Monday, April 25, 2011

Reclaiming the Princess

My girls are sitting on the couch watching Tangled. I think they've probably seen in about 50 times. Both of them love princesses. There's been some news articles, books, and radio shows lately about the branding of princesses and how its changed since I was a kid. Sure it has. And I know that it is important to teach my girls about a healthy body image, beauty coming from within, and having an identity in Christ. But is desiring to be a princess such a bad thing?

Will a prince riding a white horse ever come to sweep them off their feet and make them live in a perfectly happily ever after world? Absolutely. Christ, the Prince of Peace, will come again, riding a white horse and will establish His Kingdom and make all things new. He already relentlessly pursues my daughters and myself.

And is desiring a grand romance on this earth such a bad thing? Chris didn't come on a white horse. He came in a beat up Volvo that smelled like brake fluid. Chris didn't litterally sweep me off my feet, but he sure did turn my world around. He hasn't made all things new and he hasn't created a perfectly happily ever after for me. He can't take away all my pain and sorrow. But he does dry my tears and ease my pain. He is my banner and protector. And each day he points me to my ultimate Prince. Each day Chris shows me glimmers of grace and perfection and helps to guide my to my Savior.

My hope for my girls is that the will continue to feel beautiful each day. That they will continue to dress up like princesses and bask in the compliments of Luke and Chris. That they will continue to believe in an Ultimate Prince. And my prayer for my girls is that God will provide them with earthly husbands that will reflect Christ.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kung Fu Tinker Bell

Here's a couple pictures of the girls' Easter dresses. Last August, Chris and I went to Las Vegas and saw the Cirque du Soleil show - Ka. The skirts worn by the acrobats inspired this year's creation. Chris and Luke said the girls looked like Kung Fu Tinker Bells. I hope that sewing will somehow be part of my ministry in Haiti. We shall see.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beliefs have consequences

When people hear about Haiti, voodoo is usually mentioned. Those who have seen our presentation on our goal of church planting have heard about this as well. For some, the mention of trying to purge voodoo, a cultural aspect of Haiti, is seen as invasive or judgmental. While there are many ways to respond to this, we would point to many examples of how this belief system has huge consequences on people with regards to their worldview and behavior, in addition to its spiritual consequences of being a false gospel. This article from the New York Daily news caught my attention as one which shows how beliefs have consequences, and the spiritual oppression of voodoo is no exception. As we continue to prepare for our mission in Haiti, we want to specifically ask God to open the hearts of Haitians and show them the destructive nature of voodoo and to cling to the living God who came to rescue us from oppression, fear and death through the work of His Son.