Monday, June 4, 2012


The last few days have proven to be a total whirlwind.
Quick update - The kids finished school, Sara wrapped up her work with her clients, Chris finished teaching, Kate turned 5, we were all part of the amazing wedding of John and Krista Ternus (Sara's cousin).

What's next? June 6th - June 10th we will be in Roscoe and Milwaukee visiting family, friends, supporters and potential future supporters and church mission boards. June 11th-June 22nd we will be in Colorado at Missionary Training Institute attending the Program In Language Acquisition Techniques (PILAT). This is program for both the parent and the kids. We will be learning language learning techniques and transition training. We will also use this time to visit friends, supporters, potential future supporters and church mission boards as well. If you are within a couple hours of Denver, Colorado and would like to get together let us know! So Minneapolis friends - we will be gone most of June but we haven't left for Haiti yet. Our plan is to leave August 1st, Lord willing.

We will be in Minneapolis and the midwest from June 23rd - August 1st. Yippee.
We are at about 68% of our monthly commitments. Praise God!