Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Home for Diesel

I don't know what it is. Probably the approaching fall. We've been on an academic calendar our whole lives so fall seems like a time of newness. And its approaching. I'm starting to realize how much stuff we have. No matter what room I go into in my home, all I see is the many, many things that need to be given away, sold, thrown away, stored, etc. Ahhh. Anyway, we are starting to slowly find homes for most of our belongings. Okay, so Diesel isn't a "belonging", he's a family member. But along with Diesel comes many belongings (dog dishes, food, kennel, blankets, toys). And it's time to find Diesel and his things a new home.
Can you please help us by thinking of who you know that might like to be Diesel's new family?
Diesel is a 7 year old purebred Boxer. He has been with our family since he was 18 months old. He is extremely friendly and submissive. He is great with kids. He allows them to climb all over him, pull his ears, etc, and just enjoys the attention. He is a great guard dog. He only barks when people approach our house or when he can sense that I am afraid. And his bark is intimidating! He is also great with cats. Seeing as he has not been neutered, he should be the only dog in a home. He likes Chris and Luke but he is really attached to me and tends to be fond of and protective of women. So he should be in a home with at least one lady.
We have thought through taking him with us to Haiti and it just will not work. The climate change would be far too difficult for him along with plenty of other hardships. Even though we aren't moving for about 11 or 12 more months we really feel like now is the time to find him a new home. Luke is very attached to Diesel and giving Luke time to grieve his absence before a huge transition to Haiti will be helpful. We are trying to space out our "good-byes".
Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to be Diesel's new owners. THANK YOU!

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