Friday, October 7, 2011

Got Networks?

We are marching along with support raising and doing pretty well. We are at about 43% of our monthly support which is a huge blessing. While we do need to be at 100% before we can move to Haiti, there are also benchmarks along the way that we must meet. Departing this summer means a string of trainings beforehand and we need to be at certain percentages to attend certain trainings. So here are our benchmarks: 50% by January, 75% by April, 80% by May, 95% by June, 100% by July.

We are fairly confident we can get to 50% in the next few weeks. However, to get to 75% by April we are going to need help. We are in need of people to help introduce us to others who may want to learn more about our vision for Haiti. This could be your small group, your church mission board, your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, or your family. Would you consider hosting a gathering of your contacts and allow us to present? We are more than willing to travel!

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