Monday, July 30, 2012

Kate's House

Little Miss Katherine was still just a plan for a future third child when we moved into our house on Clinton Ave.  Three years after we moved in Kate was added to our family.  She made an immediate impression.  Kate filled our house with both extreme amounts of laughter and joy as well as little bits of mischief.  Hilarious imps are always the most dangerous of weapons leaving memories of pencil marks on the walls and marker on the floor.

She loves her role as the youngest of three often being called our gigantic infant.  But she also doesn't mind so much being the oldest of the littles when the cousins are gathered.
She'll miss the only house she's ever known.  She'll miss her Minnesota and now Shanghai cousins.  Soon she will be reunited with her Haiti cousins and start to make her marks on our new home.  Her persistence joyfulness will come right along with us as she dances into Haiti.

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  1. I love love the weapons picture. It's just perfect.