Friday, August 3, 2012

Chris's House

When Sara and I got married in 2003, it wasn’t too long until we  were convinced to get a house.  Looking back that may not have been the best move for many people at that time, but in our mind it was a good investment and we were planning on staying about three years and then moving on to something that would be a better fit for a family of 4.  I remember not initially loving our neighborhood and thinking about all the things I would change.  Now looking back after leaving last month, I am so grateful that God kept us in there and made it our home.  

It’s too hard to describe all that I remember and love about our house and neighborhood but I think the story of white-eyes the kitten sums up much of what I loved.  One day Eloise found one of the many kittens that at various points have lived in our garage, and it had some type of conjunctivitis.  Thus the name “white-eyes”.  She desperately wanted us to keep it, and we debated this until a neighbor ended up taking her away and keeping her.  Eloise was devastated and despite my strong dislike for cats, Sara and the kids eventually ended up convincing me to get one.  Less than 24 hours later we had domino, a cat who very quickly found herself pregnant with kittens that were born in the kitty hospital on our porch.

While we eventually found new homes for them, the few weeks when they were living on our porch was a lot of fun.  Kate used to go a grab them and carry them around giggling, and there were many hours spent chasing them around and putting them in weird places.  

I will miss this and the many random things that on my own I never would have thought to try, but having done them makes our life as a family on 3824 Clinton all the more meaningful. While it's a little sad to be leaving a place with so many memories, it makes me all the more excited to make new ones at our home in Haiti.

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