Friday, August 17, 2012

32 Hours

To say this past week as been busy is an understatement.  We celebrated all three of the kids' birthdays.  We celebrated the girls with an American Girl party and we celebrated Luke's 12th birthday by giving him cash and an afternoon alone with a friend at the Mall of America.

We were overwhelmed by the love of our local body, Hiawtha Church.  Sunday we were blessed by a commissoning service followed by a going away party.  The party had an amazing turn out and even more amazing food catered by David Fernandez. If you attended and we didn't get a chance to speak with you we are so sorry and hope you felt welcomed.

We cleared our calendars for this last week in the states in hopes of having plenty of time with Chris's family.  Unfortunately some work problems arose that needed attended to for most the week.  Leaving behind a business is harder than I'd thought. 

We spent the day Thursday packing.  It was quite the task.  We were about to give up when Tammy and Chuck Dube came over and miraculously repacked our bags and made everything fit.  Praise the Lord for amazing friends!  Here are some before pictures that don't really even do justice to the amount of stuff we were dealing with.  We now have 15 suitcases, 5 carryons, and 5 backpacks packed.  We'll take some after pictures at the airport.

So we are headed out in 32 hours.  Insane. We are actually ready and thankfully have a full day to enjoy our family.  So I must logoff for a game of Scrabble with the in-laws.

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