Sunday, December 30, 2012

Belated Christmas Post

So in the States it seems that Thanksgiving to Christmas is the main Christmas season.  But here, with no Thanksgiving celebration, Christmas Eve through New Years (and a few days past, I've heard) is the main Christmas season.  And my family seems to be following suit.  There wasn't much of a ramp up to Christmas this year until Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve we had a wonderful dinner with friends from Haiti Health Ministries.  Great food and great fellowship.  Then as a family we watched Home Alone - a Christmas classic.  Christmas morning we opened gifts.  Luke got my used ipad, the girl's each got one Haitian - made American Girl bed and a wardrobe for their dolls to share.
My mom flew in early evening on Christmas Day and since her arrival we've been playing a lot of Caring and Sharing Bingo (a family game) and introducing my mom to our many friends here.  Yesterday my mom and I walked a Haitian mile to Madanm Christians orphanage.  The children were excited to meet my mother and put on a great (and extremely long) Christmas program for us.  Here is a wee clip.

Teresa's family flew in yesterday and today my mom was reunited with all 5+ of her grandchildren.  Oh Happy Day!  Then, I've heard there is some fun New Years celebrations.  We shall see.

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  1. Happy 7th Day of Christmas! I love the video - the children are so open and un-bashful! Oodles of love and hugs from Aunt Eda (and Uncle Howard, too)