Friday, December 7, 2012

Eloise the Poet

Eloise has been writing quite a bit since we've gotten to Haiti.  We find her journals all over the house.  Last night Chris and I discovered this poem she wrote and that it was worth sharing.

he doesn't like you
she doesn't like me
evry time you look at him you get angry
evry time I look at her I get angery
this song dosen't have a happy ending rite now
so let's make this a song that has one
folloe your dream's and desstenies
come and let's see the thing's alaround you and me
then you can make lot's of friend's
and do thing's that youve neve don before
this song is coming to a end 
I have to say good bye
oh, make freind's with . . . he and she and I

By: ELOISE Thmpson


  1. Those little wheels turning in the heads of children so amaze me. Not all can put their ideas on paper, like this, however, leaving us to wonder what they might be thinking. What a blessing to discover such open lines of communication. How exciting for you to be Eloise's parents! Love to you all! Aunt Eda

  2. That is so awesome! I love it! Worthy to keep and frame!