Friday, September 14, 2012


Each evening we eat dinner with our teammates down the street at the Haitian Queen.  My kids come to life each evening, full of energy.  They have been putting on many dance performances in the bed of a pickup truck for our teammates and night guards.

Tonight's production was a newly created song by the kids called "Krapo".  Krapo is the Creole word for frog.  The children enjoy the word and made up a whole song and dance.  They spent the day planning the performance, writing out lyrics, making up dance moves, and created frog masks. The performance lasted only about 1 minute and finished right before the rain started.  They put out a tip jar and received US change and Haitian Gourdes.  Luke did the conversions into US money, added it all together, and divided by 3 to be fair.  I guess they are homeschooling themselves!

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