Monday, September 17, 2012

We'll Call it a Success

Any of you who know me (Sara) well know I've been obsessing about needing a couch.  Today Chris and I headed to Port au Prince with our teammates Ashlee and Claudy for a shopping double date.  Thanks to T and Ryan the kids stayed in Gressier playing with their cousins.  Our first stop was Valerio, a mega store of sorts.  We were looking for a decent couch in a decent price range.  HARD to find in Haiti.  The most comfy of couches were between $1600 and $4000 US.  Ridiculously out of our price range.  We ended up finding the futon below for $440 US.  Decent.  So we bought it!  It is comfy, fits all 5 of us, and can lay down into a bed.

After a nice lunch with salad, that hasn't yet made me sick, we shopped at what we like to call the "Target-ish" store.  It actually is nothing like Target but as close as you can get in Haiti.  We then headed home, picked up the kids, and Chris assembled the couch.  One of us sat on it (can't name names) and it immediately broke.  Sadness.

But it is apparent that Chris has adapted well to Haitian culture already.  He grabbed some 2 X 4's, a drill, some screws, and went to work.  It now is functional again.  So yes, we will call it a success!!!

It's gray and our chairs are black.  So again for any of you that know me well you know that I love bright colors.  I'll need some bright pillows and curtains to liven up the room. In due time......

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  1. I've been following you for a while. It's interesting to read of your getting settled, finding furniture, and everything.

    I spent three and a half years in Cayes, teaching missionary kids with WorldTeam. Blogging is such a great way of keeping in touch with everyone at home, isn't it.

    I am praying for your adjustment. I didn't know where Gressier is, but I looked it up on the map. Blessings to you all.